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April 2018
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Please, Don’t Mashup Games

Brought to you by Zero IQ

When you decide to play a games, many people will ask “Is it Western/Japanese/Korean games?” These are really important to nowadays gamers to identify the way or the concept it could be. What I will take a look this time is the comparison between western games and Asian games in a very striking detail, censorship.

Asian Games

Focusing on Japanese games, there are so many popular games that are also rated. There’s one of the news about Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, that the western version remove some of the costumes as it is considered censorship. It’s not just feel disappointed, but also inappropriate because Fatal Frame series is the horror game about ghosts, so it shouldn’t have anything related to nudity and censorship.


In western version, they changed lingerie costumes into Zelda’s (Left) and Samus’ (Right).

Zero Punctuation also mentioned about this game. It is not so horror since ghosts move slowly and you can attack them by taking their photo from far away, unlike other successful horror games like Outlast. It is not so challenging because your camera can help you solve almost anything. It is not interesting either because ghosts, rituals are something you can get from movies, which are cheaper.

So they just do something in sort of censorship from costumes and wet gauge system, which identifies how frequent and aggressive ghosts you will encounter. This gauge shows by how wet your character is, which clothes will stick to the skin and see through. This works only female characters, while male cannot see through because he wears a jacket. My word is don’t you think that women may want to play this kind of game and want to see how sexy the male character is as same as boys?


Yahtzee in Zero Punctuation describing why wet system doesn’t work on a male character.

The nudity and censorship doesn’t stop just that. Fatal Frame series are published by Koei Tecmo company, who also publishes Dead or Alive series. It is fighting, but it is also sexy as some female characters like Kasumi, the main character wears a female ninja costume that it is so bottomless that we will be able to see her underwear every time she performs kick.

Another good example is Vindictus, a fantasy South Korean online game. The features of gameplay are good until the costume customization, where we can choose inner armor that most of it are almost nude. The thing is, this game is based on battles and fights, not an erotic nightclub game. Same as Fatal Frame, this is ultimately inappropriate.

Western Games

Not just Asian games do this. Nowadays western games also contains censorship, but usually are fantasy games. It starts around the release of the first Warcraft game by Blizzard. From then, fantasy games widely contains nudity. One of an example is League of Legends. There are two champions in this game that their costumes are really should consider as censorship, they are Leblanc and Evelynn.


However, aside from the splash art, the in-game graphics don’t really is like this. LoL is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. This genre requires a wide overall view, which means it doesn’t need high quality in-depth graphics. So that these two characters become less nudity in the game enough not to get censored.


If you take a look at Zero Punctuation’s review, fatal frame doesn’t have anything so attractive to the players, so they need something to make people want to buy and play. That’s what it is. If the game is not interesting and attractive within the gameplay, its system, story and graphics, then they have to contain something sexual instead because it will sexually attracts customers. Dead or Alive doesn’t have something so unique from other fighting games. Vindictus has a gameplay that looks like Japanese Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2). MOBA games like LoL has a lot of fixed play style. Every MOBA game’s mission is to destroy the opponent’s base, which this genre is the most inflexible game of all.

The Way It Should Be

My all time favourite game is Rising Force Online, one of the early Korean online games published in 2006 by CCR Inc. It is MMORPG fantasy Sci-Fi game that has a very unique attraction. This game expresses each races’ culture and beliefs in every artifacts, even weapons. It also has economic graph display about GDP of every race. Its experience system is unique, with we have to do to learn concept, which is also used in today’s Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online. About nudity, female characters has armors that reveals some of her legs, arms, collar, and a full reveal of naval, and that’s it.

RF Online Character Creation of Cora race

We already have lots of erotic games and erotic movies founded in the internet. But what these game companies are doing is to put them all and mixed up into one. This is a sick vision. We separate into genres to make it more easy to choose and enjoy those feelings. People play horror games to make them heart pound in surviving, not to see their characters run with two pieces of inner wear. So please, this should be fixed, because it means that the developer cannot identify what players expect from those genre. For me, I’d rather watch failed movies like Death Race 2 and Attack on Titan the Movie than play these POS games that are failed to entertain people and use an out of topic way to make players feel that I shouldn’t play this game ever.


The Thin Mirror between JP and EU Gamezones

By LightBlue163XX

Many people in this world play video games, don’t they? It’s a fact that many people play games on PlayStation consoles, VVMORPGs, PCs, smartphones or Nintendo consoles(and so on). They maybe play more than one of them or the others, but well, who knows?

Recently, there have been some news items on the internet about Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, which originated from Japan and is available on WiiU from Nintendo. Moreover, this game is available in European or Western Zones too.



The protagonist is beautiful though.. The scene too.

As we know, this game is one of those survival games with some(or many..)horror stuff, yes, this game is rated as 18+(because of all that horror) and it’s the game which is originally in Fatal Frame Series.

The point of this, Western zone removed one of the costumes which is alternative and it’s such the lingerie costume. Well, it’s rated as 18+ so it’s not really strange to have this costume which can be unlocked by playing the walkthrough.


OMG that’s beautiful and creepy..


As I played some of Japanese games in Western zone like Super Smash Bros. for example, I noticed some differences of the character like Rosalina and Luma in each zones. The Western zone censored the underwear of Rosalina(Princess Peach as well) into dull color which is not in Japanese Zone.


You can check it out what that dull color means on YouTube

To sum up this topic, in the European zone and the Japanese Zone, games differ only slightly, but they share one similarity; it’s the flavor of each plot of the game. Some of the differences between these two zones are a little bit weird, but funny nevertheless…

Have fun with your favorite games. That’s all, GG all of gamers and enjoy your time(smiles and turns to play games on my phone).


Ayane from Dead or Alive is here in this game too..

Welcome to the new age of technology

By LightBlue163XX

We know that technology has been coming to us so far, further than the unmanned technology which has super complex system functions.

Before we point this further out,let’s look back. We know the latest human-controlled drone is very popular at the moment. They are used for photographing, video recording, even spying in some places.Technology goes really fast, faster than we can expect, not only for people but for military also. In the future, both of these priorities will play the roles for humans, but not all of them.

Not only the successfully launched robot like Asimo from Japan which is now on the further way to be developed in the Honda Laboratory, but also Lobaev Tactical Robot Minirex RS1A3, the Russian armed robot which is used in the war with functional features. These are the examples which make us know that technology has been in the long long journey so far..  

“In next two years, Russia will have a plan to launch the new slaying robots” – said Mr. Vyacheslav Khalitov in the interview of RT News

According to this statement above, this may be the other way to declare the greatness of Russia for the next upcoming war in the future…. 

From the technology in the sci-fi movies or games, to the real life in the future, some of them might think that the imagination is not as important as knowledge, but if there is no imagination,there is no inspiration and no innovation happens. On the other hand, if we have no ability, imagination never comes to live, because technology is originally from human’s brain(or maybe sometimes the developers might be some types of the gamer or geek..)


New Weapons! Are you SERIOUS!!!

Brought to you by, Zero IQ

Nowadays, new Sci-Fi movies inspire various innovations for our future development. Some make us beware of how dangerous it is, and some suggest how much of technology is enough. But well, I think these movies never get in military minds. We now are not going to face global warming and economic crisis, but also conflicts between humans.


Around late February, we’ve heard the announcement that North Korea has invented the new missile weapon that could blown up powerful tanks into pieces. Many countries like Japan and also organisations like UN already protest their weapon test. But it seems like those words didn’t affect at all.

เกาหลีเหนือโวขีปนาวุธใหม่ อานุภาพทำลายล้างรุนแรง

Everyone knows the movie “Terminator”, one of the greatest action movies of all. The main concept of it is John Conner, and he leads humans to a war against robots created by humans, who dare to take over the world. It sounds strange. Robots just perform themselves through their set of programs. However, we encourage to make them alive.

หุ่นยนต์นักฆ่า เกิดขึ้นแล้ว สหรัฐเผยรัสเซียกับจีนได้ร่วมมือกันสร้างกองทัพมหาประลัยนี้เรียบร้อยแล้ว

Around early February, Robert O. Work, the United States national security told that right now China and Russia are creating a machine army together, as both really want to bring this out to the real world. This has led to the protests of many scientists and they want to prohibit this machine army, including Stephen Hawking.

There is one question that people usually ask, “Why do we have to create this?”. Well it could be that these people are really addicted to games and movies. They assume that the machine army will we revealed within two years after this. That’s very fast. Maybe they would like our future to be a whole battle ground like the new released game, Tom Clancy’s The Division. Or maybe these tech soldiers could turn out like robotic aliens as in the Crysis series. They should also invent the Nanosuit for us too. Or they might think that it would be fun being in a situation where we have to survive from robot invasion like in ‘Terminator’. However, these reasons are really nonsense for leaders who move the people and the country. Right now, we still can’t find any acceptable reasons (or excuses) for this movement. We will keep finding out this nonsense innovation, and let’s see how amusing these leaders would like this world to be. Please stay tuned.

Moral of the Story: If you are really addicted in movies and games, you could pick up its ideas and make it a good innovation for our better future.

Thais flock to England for Songkran.

Bangkok – Thousands of Thais have booked tickets to celebrate Songkran in rain drenched England instead of their parched homeland which is severely affected by the worst drought in 20 years. England on the other hand has experienced one of the wettest years in recent memory and water, the essential ingredient for a happy Songkran, is widely available.

‘I believe it’s immoral and irresponsible to splash water when the country is bone dry and when it’s absolutely necessary to conserve water instead of just splashing it on someone on a motorcycle’ says Anchalee Nimrod (27) who has booked a ticket to London for herself and her family.


England has got plenty of water for a fun-filled Songkran.


Prime Minister Prayuth is said to be mulling a tax break for those willing to celebrate the annual festival in places with abundant rainfall.

Yitticul Nanuam (19) has also decided to throw water in the streets of Cardiff where he has family. “I’m really looking forward to this year’s Songkran. I only hope it’s not raining during those three days. That would certainly dampen the spirit of this tradition”.


Rain on Songkran, which is very likely in England, would severely impact

the fun factor in a negative way.


BANGKOK – A crispy new study conducted by Chulalangkorn University in Bangkok has shown that women talk a lot more than men. As a matter of fact, women utter on average 113 words per minute in their lifetime -yes, that’s almost two words per second – whereas men talk, on average, no more than 12 words in that same minute.

We, men, already knew that, but Da Nonsense Times sat down with Prof. Dr. Wittkul Ansamorn (53, male) and asked him why…

Da Nonsense Times: ‘How come’?

Wittkul: “Here’s why. Women have the uncanny ability to breath in while they’re breathing out. That surprises you, doesn’t it? Well. another thing that surprised me last week was when I was in the Seven Eleven and, don’t you think there are just too many Seven Elevens in the city? It’s just unbelievable, they’re everywhere. Anyway, I was lining up there to pay for my “Dutchie Strawberry Flavoured Yoghurt”, when, “flavoured”, mind you. You really think there are REAL strawberries in that yoghurt?. It’s all chemical. Where was I? Oh yes, this really nasty bugger tried to jump queue, when I put him in his place, getting nods of approval from the other people in the queue. Then, all of a sudden, I recognized an old neighbour of mine. This poor fellow had endured so much misfortune. His entire family died of rabies, you know, the dog disease. They had this cute little Chihuahua that had been bitten by a bat and the Chihuahua bit that guy’s wife. She got rabies and the wife bit their two darling little daughters and they all died of rabies. The guy lost his entire family. Can you believe that? Anyway, he picked up the pieces and he now works as a security guard at AIS. Nasty company, don’t you think? With all that illegal stuff going on. They say Thaksin doesn’t own it anymore, but I won’t have it, I’m with Dtac, you know, the other company. Far more reliable, far more coverage. Although they seem to kind of resting on their laurels so to speak. Know what I mean? Where was I? Oh, do you think I’m fat?


      “Oh, do tell”




SALVADOR DE BAHIA – Dutch football coach Louis van Gaal has told substitute goal keeper Tim Krul to pack his bags to go back to the Netherlands. The unfortunate Dutch goalie conceded two goals from his Costa Rican opponents in just four minutes, after coming in as a substitute for Jasper Gillesen, who had remained unscathed for 119 minutes into the match.

“Unbelievable” and “incredible” were the reactions to the weird decision of the Dutch coach to replace Gillesen, who had played a formidable game until the end of the extra time. “If you substitute an incredible goal keeper like Gillesen for a second choice goalie like Krul, you have to be out of your mind” said Diego Maradona, who watched the match from his private home. “Not many keepers in the history of football ever conceded two goals in four minutes” he added.

The board of directors of Manchester United, the future club of Louis van Gaal, will meet today, if the club still wants to go ahead with the coach of the Dutch national team.